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sampling bikes

Ready, Cycle, Engage! Allow our promotional staff to deliver your samples directly into the hands of your target audience with our branded sampling bikes.

sampling bikes

Based on the traditional design of the vintage ice cream tricycle, we can offer branded sampling bikes for a variety of products whether your produce is ambient, chilled, frozen or warm.

Also suitable for sampling non-food products, our sampling bikes are highly versatile and enable your campaign to be completely mobile.

Promotional staff are recruited for your campaign using our unrivalled staffing process. We are passionate about finding the right people to represent your brand by considering your target audience, your brand identity and your objectives, and selecting people with the appropriate attributes, personalities and experience.

The campaign includes;

  • hand picked promotional team

  • hire of sampling bike/s

  • sampling bike graphics

  • branded parasol

  • sampling supplies

  • campaign logistics

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