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Did you know we offer much more than staffing?

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                        -Campaign Concept & Event Research                   -Staffing                     

                        -Stand Design & Production                                       -Reporting & Evaluation 


At eventeem we are passionate about brands.  We understand how important your brand values are to you and always do our utmost to bring these to life in exactly the right way.  We can put together your campaign schedule and produce your experiential stand, using only the best and most cost effective options available to us.  Our experienced team can organise your campaign logistics and set-up, right through to front of house promotional staff.

Campaign Concept & Event Research

As experiential marketing specialists, we are able to provide support for your campaigns from the initial planning phase. We can brainstorm campaign concepts  alongside your team or take the reins ourselves. In addition, we thoroughly research all projects ensuring your campaign will be both innovative and perfectly targeted.

Stand Design & Production

Through our extensive network of contacts, we can handle every aspect of your event’s stand. We will work in tandem with your team and expert designers to create the perfect stand for your event. After this, we can organise the production of the stand, leaving you free to focus on other areas of the campaign.

Event Logistics

Here at eventeem, we understand the difficulties involved in organising and coordinating an event. That’s why we’re willing to take that burden off your hands. Logistically, we can organise; staff travel & accommodation, stand delivery & construction, stock delivery & management, site & distribution permissions (where necessary) and site hire.


Our agency specialises in promotional staffing, as well as experiential support. Therefore, we are able to create a bespoke staffing package for your event. Our database of over 2000 promotional staff nationwide is a uniquely diverse pool of talent, with character actors, event managers, leafleters & samplers, supervisors & team leaders, and many more. We will always provide the RIGHT staff for YOUR event.

Reporting & Evaluation

Our services are not limited to before and during your event. Eventeem provide a full reporting service post-event, including statistics and data from the event, which help paint a picture of how it went. In addition, we are able to analyse this data for you and provide insight on areas which can be improved in future campaigns, as well as how to do so.